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Python Virtual Environment (venv): easy guide for beginners

When diving into Python programming, one of the most useful tools you’ll encounter is the virtual environment, often referred to by its tool name venv. A virtual environment for Python is used to manage the dependencies of Python packages. Even though beginner Python programmers might not be concerned with dependency management. And some might not even be aware that it could be a problem. However, it will save you a lot of headaches if you get into the habit of using virtual environments for your projects as soon as possible. What is a Virtual Environment? In Python, a virtual environment…

how to install nvm

How to install node version manager (nvm)

This short tutorial will explain how to install node version manager (nvm) on Windows or Linux and Mac OS systems. Node Version Manager is very useful when working with node.js based projects What is Node Version Manager? nvm stands for Node Version Manager. It’s a tool used to manage multiple Node.js versions. nvm allows you to easily install, switch between, and manage many different versions of Node.js on a single system. This is especially useful for developers who need to test their applications across multiple Node.js versions or work on different projects that each require a specific Node.js version. Why…